Film Fresh offers the latest in clean, family-friendly, and faith-based entertainment. Learn about people committed to providing positive content for families and the creation process behind it all. From actors, writers, and comedians to producers, directors, makeup, and crew, we’re sharing stories, tips, and even some secrets of an industry determined to make a difference! The Film Fresh podcast highlights guests with current or developing projects outside mainstream Hollywood that are offering family-friendly entertainment alternatives and guests trying to make a positive impact within the mainstream industry. Film Fresh is produced and co-hosted by Jared Easley and Chester Goad.

In Season One of Film Fresh, we interview TC Stallings, Cameron Arnett, Jarod O'Flaherty, Rik Roberts, Jeff Allen, and many other entertainers committed to positive family friendly content!


On the Leaderbyte Stories Podcast we make unique connections between leadership, learning, and life through the power of story. Each episode features stories and insightful conversations with leaders from all walks of life. In this series of 30 Episodes, Chester interviews Amy Roloff, The Skit Guys, Amena Brown, Carlos Whittaker, Katie Davis Majors, Josh Devine, Alan Graham, and many more amazing people who are using their leadership platforms to serve others in unique ways.  


"I've learned that creative projects outside my day job are not side hustles , they're soul hustles."

I was recently honored to be featured on Episode 251 of The School of Laughs Podcast hosted by Rik Roberts.  Rik is not only a friend but he's one of the world's top Clean Comedians, and he co-stars in the recent "Mayberry Man" movie in theaters now!  Listen anywhere you listen to podcasts!